Message from the CEO | Founder at G.M. CHEMICALS (PRIVATE) LIMITED

Mr. Ghazanfar Parwez :

I, on behalf of the team at G.M CHEMICALS (PRIVATE) LIMITED, would like to thank you for your ongoing support and trust in us. We started this remarkable journey of trust, honesty, commitment, fairness & quality with a humble beginning, in 2013.

We commenced our work as a Distributor of Chemicals primarily dealing in Solvents and catering to Traders and Industries related to Paint, Ink, Printing, Adhesives and Pharmaceuticals. Whilst working in local markets and dealing with the day to day queries, we kept improving our ways of working and incorporating the modern management skills accordingly. By doing so we understood that our markets were and are operating in the traditional way of doing business.

Our main challenge was to understand the gap between the traditional and contemporary working styles. We gradually started to incorporate it at the grass root level of traders and local manufacturers. Our main trial, included the regularization of the ongoing payment cycle, educate the Buyers and make them understand the importance of it. Our efforts began to bare fruit.

It not only helped us to streamline our business, but it supported the local buyer in improvising their business procedures as far as the buying of material and payments were concerned.

In 2018 we increased our client base to more than 400 Customers. My son Mr. Bilal BASHIR took a bold step and started to participate in Foreign and Local Expo’s related to the Coatings Industry.

This approach enabled us to join forces with a leading Chinese company, who decided to work with us, after conducting an in-depth business intelligence and feasibility report of the local market.  G.M. CHEMICALS thereby was in a position to enter into the role of Sole Agent; Titanium Dioxide was the product decided to begin the voyage with. Together we successfully launched a mutual brand (TGR-1218) in Pakistan, and it is currently showing remarkable sales and results by the Grace of the Almighty.

Today, G.M. CHEMICALS has developed a separate line of Minerals and is successfully doing Exports to China.

 I would like to thank all our partners in having Trust in G.M. CHEMICALS, and we look forward to building that confidence in both our local and international partners alike. Going forward, we are well placed to continue creating win-win business partnerships for ourselves, our associates and the industry at large.

Message from the Managing Director | Founder at G.M. CHEMICALS (PRIVATE) LIMITED

Mr. Bilal BASHIR

In the words of Nikos Kazantzakis: “In order to succeed we must first believe that we can”

I was fortunate enough to have completed my early education from the top educational institutes of Pakistan, namely, Aitchison College & Government College Lahore. Afterwards I earned a formal education in Hotel Management from ‘Les Roches’ – Switzerland. It is ranked among Top Three Hotel Management Schools of the world. I contested among students from 90 different nationalities and by the Grace of The Almighty, my robust leadership and self- assured personality, came to the forefront enabling me to become elected as the President of the Student’s Committee.

Having more than 19 Years of professional global industrial work experience of Eastern Europe, Western Europe, South Asia, Central Asia, South East Asia & Middle East, has armed me with the necessary experience and skill set to become a versatile and dynamic Professional. I understand and deal with the modern day global entrepreneurial requirements not only efficiently but effectively as well.

‘G.M. CHEMICALS is currently, A Distributor, Importer, Sole Agent and Exporter of Chemicals & Minerals. Our prime objective is to achieve an unmatched legacy, via innovation in the Chemicals & Minerals related segment. Our engagement at the grass root level gives us an edge from rest of the companies operating in this business line. With time G.M CHEMICALS has evolved to take bold decisions and calculated risks, whilst striving and not being put off from trying new methods and avenues whenever we seemed to hit a dead end. During our journey, we fell, made mistakes, took the wrong decisions, however, we never stopped moving forward one step at a time, even in the most turbulent and trying times of the economy. To keep moving and to searching for the gaps and areas for improvement, kept us not only alive but made us resilient, healthier and endowed us with the wisdom that had escaped us in the early days. Our persistence and intense working protocols, coupled with our cutting-edge sales & marketing techniques, eventually became our strength.

With tireless efforts and an efficient management approach, G.M. CHEMICALS has attained a well reputed name locally and began to make an identity on the global stage. Our main focus is to attain a sustainable, profitable & consistent supply chain from upstream to downstream and vice versa, for all related parties. At source we commence our work after fulfilling all its legal obligations and come up with quality products that are at par with the Top-Quality Products & competitive prices available in the global market.

G.M. CHEMICALS believe in quality work, backed up by efficient after sales services. We believe in Long term business relations with our partners. G.M. CHEMICALS trust in Human Resource Development, Infrastructure, Safety & Security, Research & Development, Information and Technology driven work.

For Imports related Partnerships, our goal is to provide the sharing of correct market business intelligence data to our partners, enhance the client’s base by increasing their sales volumes & market share. For our Exports related Partnerships, we believe in providing consistent & timely quality supplies of the required products. To offer the best possible price to not only enhance our sales volumes but to increase the profitability of our partners who are a part of the supply chain.

Our Vision is to become a reliable mainstream regional and global market player, by offering quality products. Our ethos is to enhance our management skills in order to achieve the global standards.’


Hotline: 37 541 0569

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